Music & Audio

“Blacktooth Mountain” – Hot Gaspacho

Original Song submitted by Will Craft, Class of 2022

“New College has given me the opportunity and tools to create a meaningful learning experience from doing what I love: making music. There are industry professionals all over NC and UA faculty, and having access to their experience, feedback, advice, and support makes tackling challenges more engaging and exciting.”

“Lil C (Little Caterpillar)” – Electric Blue Yonder 

Original Song submitted by Beth Hathaway, Class of 2009

After thinking about it a good bit, I’d like to submit the song “Little Caterpillar” that I wrote with my husband, Johnny Veres, in 2019. Inspired by the colorful works of Eric Carle, we decided to make a video of the song after we heard about his passing. This is part of a children’s record that we are working on currently in Muscle Shoals and hope to release next spring (2022).