NC 50 Flipbook

Flipbook submitted by Amy Pirkle, New College Professor

“Celebrating 50 years of innovative, individualized, interdisciplinary education.
Celebrating 50 years of New College at UA!
I was really excited to create a flipbook in honor of our department’s 50th anniversary.”

Unfiltered Beauty

Photography submitted by Avery Bigham, Class of 2021

“Social Media and Perceptions of Natural Beauty is a project that had the number one goal of lifting women up while showing women how beautiful they are without filters. Photographs were taken of females who wore no makeup and wore clothing they felt comfortable in. Zero edits were made. The pictures provided confidence that several women are lacking. Perfection is a word that has several definitions. Everyone strives for perfection, but unfortunately, it does not exist. They were able to see their true beauty from within. My project is dedicated to the females who think they are not enough when in reality they are more than enough.”


Drawing submitted by Richard Zabel, Class of 2020

“Letters are powerful.
Letters combined become words.
Words conjure images. Words become sentences, ideas.

This work was created on the idea that letters are symbols, and are beautiful in themselves. Moreoever, they interact with each other in many ways. First, they are the foundation of language and communication. Second, they are universal. An ‘a’ is an ‘a’ no matter who you are or where you are. Third, they are images. They flow together, creating beauty.”

Size: A3 (30cm x 21cm) | Medium: paper, graphite, fineliner | Date: 2020