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Caroline D. James
Class of 2012

“I graduated from UA/New College in 2012. Honestly, in my short career, I have had many opportunities to celebrate and to be celebrated. In 2014, I won a national teaching award for the social justice framework I used in my New Orleans classroom. In total, I have easily coached/managed over 70 teachers. I have even had the pleasure to be named one of 60 Bill Gates Cambridge Scholars in the world in 2017. Yet, what I am most excited about right now is a departure from the work I have done in formal education systems. I am now designing a multi-pronged business that brings social justice conversations, strategies, and tools to the layperson. In true New College form, my work is intentionally highly interdisciplinary; it spans indigenous spiritual practices, political policy, community-based education, food justice and so much more.

I am taking all I learned across my career and education and connecting it into a cohesive tapestry to improve the quality of people’s lives. I want to illustrate that social justice is everyday living.  So, my deepest hope when you read this is that you will ask yourself how you can make your life even a fraction more aligned with your deepest passions. I wish for you ease and deep satisfaction around accomplishment. We all deserve to see our fullest selves manifested and celebrated in our work. After all, a passionate and service-oriented approach to living and working deeply disrupts systems of oppression in us and in our world.”

Visit the website and blog for Caroline’s project:
https: www.wethesojourners.org

As the first social media and web-based “freedom school”, The Sojourner empowers The People to facilitate a more thorough human rights movement where critical (and accurate) deconstructions of injustice are simply common knowledge.

“WE The Sojurners” is a multi-social media project where the “isms” that keep us from creating the most equitable societies are deeply examined using research, personal stories and a lot of humor. Designed to be approachable, “WE The Sojourners” is not a political ecosystem, but rather explores the assumptions and gaps that the political stuff can overshadow. The aim of this project is to make deep learnings about social justice commonplace (and not simply the musings of academics, activist and politicians.) I hope you will join me by checking out my introductory blog/article where I examine why social justice is not working and what I believe is needed to move forward. The project’s introductory article is available TODAY, but “WE The Sojourners” officially launches this Halloween [2021] (cause I love that holiday ;).”

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